NRT Diversity

As a company committed to providing truly remarkable service for both our customers and our workforce, NRT offers an environment that is inclusive and appreciative of the many differences and perspectives within the organization.

NRT is working to help develop relationships with various communities, ultimately weaving a commitment to diversity into recruiting, internships, community relations, supplier diversity, and multi-cultural marketing initiatives.

Diversity Mission

At NRT, we strive to foster a dynamic business environment that incorporates a pluralistic workforce and diverse consumer markets that mirror the demographics of our country, so as to ensure NRT’s growth and delivery of truly remarkable real estate services.

Bruce Zipf    Bruce Zipf
President and CEO

"The concept of diversity is not new; we are all diverse by nature. The only thing that is new about diversity is our approach. As we become more of a global community, we benefit from the experiences and perspectives of others, regardless of race, culture, religion, gender, etc. At NRT, we understand the value of these differences and how they contribute to our ultimate success as an organization."

Lauren DeSimon Johnson    Lauren DeSimon Johnson
Sr. Vice President, Human Resources

"At NRT, diversity is always a key area of focus. We are actively involved in the Realogy Diversity and Inclusion Council which focuses its efforts not only on workplace initiatives, but also on business development in emerging markets. Our goal is to reflect the demographics of the customers we serve in order to meet their real estate needs and provide them with truly remarkable service. Currently, our primary areas of focus include workforce diversity, supplier diversity, multi-cultural marketing and community relations. Please read Realogy's Diversity Annual Report listed below for more information on the company's recent efforts."

NRT Diversity Annual Report (PDF)

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