Executive Profiles

NRT draws upon a wealth of experience in all aspects of the real estate business. As we bring together leading companies, we continuously enhance our management resources at every level. NRT’s executives have established an unparalleled record of achievement at all strata of management in the nation’s most successful real estate companies. All are respected leaders in the field. Our senior leadership exemplifies NRT’s mission of "creating exceptional real estate experiences for our customers and communities through the passionate delivery of truly remarkable service."

Bruce Zipf, President and Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Greene, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Dan Barnett, Senior Vice President, Marketing

Lauren De Simon Johnson, Senior Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness

Ken Hoffert, Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Monty D. Smith, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

M. Ryan Gorman, Senior Vice President, Strategic Operations

Dina Di Maria, Senior Vice President, Information Technology

Jeff Culbertson, Executive Vice President, Southwest Region, NRT LLC

Kate Rossi, Executive Vice President, Southeast Region

Kathryn A. Korte, Executive Vice President, NRT LLC; President & CEO, Sotheby's International Realty, Inc.

Pamela Liebman, Executive Vice President, NRT LLC; President & CEO, The Corcoran Group

Greg Macres, Executive Vice President, Western Region

Maureen B. Passerini, Executive Vice President, Northeast Region & Eastern Seaboard

Joe Reis, Executive Vice President, Central Region

Robert M. Becker, Chairman Emeritus

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